Farrah Abraham Strangely Tags Video With Daughter as 'NSFW,' Includes Confusing 'Teen Mom' Message

When Farrah Abraham posts on social media, a reaction one way or the other is typically created among her divided following. The Teen Mom alum rose quite a few eyebrows with her latest video and caption.

Abraham uploaded a clip of her and her daughter, but in the caption, wrote NSFW, "What's Happening ?!?! #nsfw @mtv @teenmom I can't help it this ones for you ... funny how it's all good now as it should of been day 1 #irony #savage fab fashion by @reindersjm follow @booandcupcake." There was also the reference to her former MTV show that many didn't seem to understand. Abraham has been scorched before how she incorporates her daughter in her posts, including one that left fans furious posting a rique photo while on vacation together.

There were a few followers who also didn't appreciate that she was not wearing a shirt in the video she posted on Tuesday. "Why must you take off your shirt," one comment began. "That little girl is watching every move you make. This could have been cute had you just worn the shirt. There is a time and a place for that." Abraham actually responded to the message, referencing the shirt she was wearing around her neck like a scarf, "I'm wearing a shirt and a bra in case you're blinded by your hate."

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Abraham remained active on the post responding to many comments, many of them positive remarks but others that attacked her parenting skills. One user in particular wrote that, "I feel so damn sorry for your kid man!" The reality television personality replied, "I feel sorry for yours literally."


It's been quite an active month on Abraham's front when it comes to social media backlash. She faced some heat early on after saying that she loves "coronavirus season." She ended up clarifying that she only meant that she's accustomed to being a stay-at-home mom and a well-prepared one at that, that she explained she was fully ready for the pandemic.

A few days later, Abraham was put back on blast after another dancing video she posted. In the clip, Abraham was dancing to Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" in a provocative way, even getting an appearance later in the video from her daughter, which set off the Instagram comments.