'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson Opens Door for Televised Birth

Former Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is not opposed to having cameras in the room when she [...]

Former Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is not opposed to having cameras in the room when she gives birth. Robertson, 23, is just five weeks away from welcoming a baby girl with her husband, Christian Huff. Robertson, who also competed on Dancing With the Stars, and Huff married in 2019, and this will be their first child.

"If I had cameras, maybe that would help me do better," Robertson told Entertainment Tonight during an interview with her parents, Korie and Willie Robertson. "I'd feel the pressure and look a little more decent." Robertson explained that she has not talked about the idea yet with Huff, 20, and later noted that the coronavirus pandemic protocols would likely make it impossible to have an unnecessary extra person in the room. Nevertheless, Robertson is excited to meet her daughter. "I'm so ready," she told ET. "I know currently I have a little booty in my rib cage, so I'm ready for her to be [out] in the real world. I can't wait."

As for Korie and Willie, they are already grandparents and are awaiting two granddaughters. Their son John Luke Robertson and his wife, Mary Kate McEacham-Robertson, are expecting a daughter. John and McEacham-Robertson are also parents to son John Shepherd. Rebecca Robertson Loflin and husband John Reed Loflin welcomed their son Zane Israel Loflin in November 2019.

"Well, we're getting better at it," Willie told ET of being grandparents. "We're all kind of close. We hang out together, and it's been really fun, just in the whole process and running around with grandkids, and it's fixing to double." Korie chimed in, noting that they "love" being grandparents. "It's so much fun and all of them live close to us," Korie said. "So, we get to spend a lot of time [together]. They get to spend the night at our house... and it's a lot of fun."

The Robertson family will soon be seen in At Home With the Robertsons, a new Facebook Watch series. It is the first time the Duck Commander family has been filmed for a show since the hit Duck Dynasty series ended in 2017. The original series aired for 11 seasons on A&E.

"We've had a little time off since Duck Dynasty, which has been nice. We're just kind of waiting for something that we wanted to do, but more with a purpose," Willie explained to ET. When they saw the pitch for the new show, they decided it would be a great idea "because we feel like that what our country needs now more than ever is just to sit down and talk." They decided to let the cameras in and invite others to chat with them on major issues. "There's a lot of heavy issues out there, and seems like there's a lot of disagreement and arguing and fighting," Willie explained. "So, we want to try to see if we can change that a little bit." At Home With the Robertsons debuts on Monday, April 5 on Facebook Watch, with new episodes added on Mondays and Thursdays each week.