'Duck Dynasty' Couple Expecting First Baby

Duck Dynasty's Reed Robertson and wife Brighton are going to be parents! The 26-year-old son of Jase and Missy Robertson and his bride announced they were expecting their first child, a little girl, in a sweet Instagram post Monday evening, posing with a sonogram and their three dogs as they broke the big news to their followers.

"Baby girl Robertson coming in November! The pups can't believe they're getting a sister and we can't wait to meet our little girl!" Brighton, who tied the knot with Reed back in October 2016, wrote in the caption. Missy was certainly excited for everyone to know she was going to be a grandmother, commenting, "I've been about to burst with this news! Yayayayayay!!! Y'all are going to be awesome parents to my grandbaby!! We love y'all so much!"

Reed and Brighton's big news comes just three weeks after his cousin, Sadie Robertson, and her husband, Christian Huff, welcomed their first baby, a daughter named Honey James, on May 11. "We saw a million little miracles yesterday - the best one being this girl right here... Honey," the new mom wrote on Instagram at the time. "The pure goodness of God. story to come, but I'm way too occupied right now by cuteness." The daughter of Korie and Willie Robertson, 23, made sure to comment on Brighton's big news Monday, writing "SO EXCITED!!!" as Korie said, "Sooo excited!! We need another girl around here."

Sadie will certainly have some tips for Brighton as a new mom, sharing on Instagram last week how two weeks with daughter Honey had taught her so much about the world around her. "It's been 2 weeks and I still haven't found the words to use to express the love I feel for our sweet Honey," she wrote. "I don't know that I ever will find the words, but I will chase after them my whole life!"


Feeling the love she has for her daughter has given Sadie a new perspective on God's love, she said. "I'm amazed and in awe staring at this miracle. Knowing that I can love her with everything in me, but that it will never touch the love God has for her and for me and Christian is the greatest gift we have," Sadie wrote. "Every week unlocks new truths and more of the awe and wonder of the creator as we stare at such a wonderful creation."