'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star Lyssa Chapman Posts Photo With Father, Asks Fans If They Look Alike

Former Dog the Bounty Hunter star Lyssa Chapman, who was known as 'Baby Lyssa' on the hit series, [...]

Former Dog the Bounty Hunter star Lyssa Chapman, who was known as "Baby Lyssa" on the hit series, shared a new selfie on Instagram Thursday, but with a twist. She challenged her fans to find the similarities in her and her father Duane "Dog" Chapman's faces. Needless to say, fans stepped up to the challenge and assured Lyssa that she is definitely her father's daughter.

"Do you think we look similar? I am my Father's Proud Daughter," Lyssa wrote in the caption. She later edited it, adding, "The correct answer is yes." Her fans agreed. "Yes, you have some similar [facial] features, like around the mouth," one fan wrote. "Yes there is no doubt who's your daddy," another chimed in. "Yes actually. Same for head and face shape. Lyssa is just a very feminine version. So blessed," another fan wrote, adding a heart emoji.

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Aside from interacting with fans, Chapman also uses her Instagram page to raise awareness for her Baby Lyssa clothing line. On Wednesday, she showed off a special new T-shirt she is offering on her site. "The Official 'Baby Lyssa' tee is here! Super soft and well made, this shirt is one of my personal favorites," she wrote. "Casual, comfortable, and affordable and comes in 6 cool colors!"

Chapman recently surprised fans by sharing a throwback photo that included her ex-husband, Braham Galanti. The two were married from 2009 to 2011 and share one child, Madelynn Grace Galanti, whom Chapman was pregnant with when the photo was taken. Chapman also has another daughter, Abbie Mae Chapman. The photo also featured Beth Chapman, Duane's late wife. Beth died in June 2019 after a battle with throat and lung cancer.

Duane is now engaged to Francie Frane, whom Lyssa finally met in June. Dog and Frane announced their engagement in May, less than a year after Beth's death. This was controversial among Dog the Bounty Hunter fans, but Chapman was quick to defend her father's decision. In May, Chapman told The Sun she had to go through an "adjustment period," but got used to the idea of her dad marrying again. She believed it was selfish for her to judge his decision.

"I am not him," Chapman said at the time. "I don't know what he's personally going through or experiencing. So it's hard. It's selfish to put your judgment on someone and say, 'You didn't wait long enough, or you should have waited more time or that it's disrespectful,'" she continued. "I think that's selfish... you don't know what someone's going through."