'Dancing With the Stars' Pro Witney Carson Reveals Worst Celebrity Dancers in Show's History

Witney Carson isn't holding back when it comes to spilling some behind-the-scenes details from her time on Dancing With the Stars. The pro dancer, 27, opened up about some of the ABC show's best and worst celebrity competitors throughout the years in a new interview with Us Weekly, dropping the name of one A-Lister in particular with two left feet.

"That's a toss-up honestly between Kim Kardashian and Master P," Carson told the outlet of celebrities who were outstanding with their lack of dance skills. "I remember watching that sitting at home just being like, 'Oh, my goodness.'" When it comes to her favorite celebrity dancer, Carson had to name Alfonso Ribeiro, with whom she won the Mirrorball Trophy in 2014.

"He had a personality — people just absolutely adored him," Carson explained, crediting The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star with being "well-rounded" with his dance skills, especially when it came to Latin and hip-hop routines. "He's so great and he's so relatable, so I think everybody just gravitates to him so much," Carson continued of the likable star. "He's like our big brother, he just has so much advice."

Carson added that their rendition of the Carlton dance was her favorite performance ever on the show. "I have never felt that experience and that feeling in my entire life, like that was absolutely insane. Like when we started the Carlton, people just lost their minds," the dancer recalled of the Season 19 moment. "Like they were like screaming and I've just never felt that in the audience ever. So that was an experience for me that I'll just never forget."

Carson's most embarrassing moment also came that season when a misstep ended with her getting hurt in full view of everyone during a dress rehearsal. "We had this really big trick in our salsa and basically his hand slipped out of mine and I just fell so hard flat on my back," she remembered. "Everyone had to stop the music, and everybody rushed down to me and I was just laying on my back and I couldn't breathe. Like it completely knocked the wind right out of me." Having to stop the show for her to recover was "embarrassing," but Carson at least wasn't injured in the long run.


Frankie Muniz also got a shoutout from Carson as the most surprising of her partners. "I remember the first day of rehearsal. I was like, 'Dude, let's do just a little bit of freestyle.' And I literally had to look away. It was so bad," Carson joked. "Frankie and I talk about it still to this day … But we made it all the way to the finale and people really loved him. He was an incredibly hard worker and he just wanted to be the best that he could be."