'Dancing With the Stars': Derek Hough Reacts to Show Moving to Disney+

Derek Hough is "very, very excited" about Dancing With the Stars' big move to Disney+. The show was renewed for two more seasons in April but will be airing live on Disney+ instead of on its home of the past 30 seasons, ABC. Hough told Entertainment Tonight Wednesday that he's looking forward to blazing trails as the streaming service's live series, embracing all the new territory that will be available without the typical constraints of network television.

"At first, I was like, 'Wha? What does that mean?!' But within 10 seconds, I was very, very excited about it," Hough said of last month's big announcement. "I think that's where a lot of things are moving toward." The Dancing With the Stars pro-turned-judge continued, "Dancing With the Stars has always been a trailblazer, they've always been the first to do things. So to move into this area is very bold, very brave, and I'm very excited about it, to be a part of that new phase in television!"

Without commercial breaks or other traditional constraints of network television, Hough explained there's "more opportunity for more performances, more dances, more creativity... so I'm excited about that too." Hough will be returning for the upcoming season as a judge, he confirmed, but he didn't know "exactly" who would be returning alongside him. "I'm sure a lot of familiar faces will be there, of course," he assured.

Seasons 31 and 32 of Dancing With the Stars will air exclusively on DIsney+ when the dancing competition show returns this fall as what is believed to be the first live-streamed reality show in the U.S. "Dancing With the Stars has entertained fans for 16 years on ABC, and we are excited to bring this beloved show exclusively to Disney+ as the platform's first-ever live series," said Kareem Daniel, chairman, Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution in a statement last month. "The show's broad appeal, as well as the overwhelming popularity of its Disney-themed competition nights, make Disney+ the perfect home for Dancing With the Stars while continuing to expand our demographic reach."