'Counting On' Star Joy-Anna Duggar Jokes She's Done Having Babies in Video During Birth of Baby Girl

Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and her husband, Austin Forsyth, shared an intimate new video showing the moments leading up to their baby girl's birth last month. They welcomed Evelyn Mae Forsyth on Aug. 21, over a year after Joy-Anna suffered a miscarriage. In the new video, Joy-Anna is seen joking with Austin about not wanting to have more children. They are also parents to son Gideon, 2.

The 12-minute clip, published on Saturday, shows Joy-Anna, 22, struggling with labor pain and she spoke about having an epidural. Her doctors told her to go to the hospital to induce labor because she was past her due date. Once she got to the hospital the night before Evelyn was born, Joy-Anna, Austin, and Austin's sister Rachel put masks on and changed the lighting of the room. They also posted "birth affirmations" around the room so Joy-Anna could see positive words wherever she looked, reports The Daily Mail. The doctor arrived and Joy-Anna started having contractions. Her doctor also gave her doses of Pitocin to help her labor.

Joy-Anna also got an epidural, which she skipped when giving birth to Gideon. "I'm so happy I got the epidural... I don't see how people do this without epidurals," Joy-Anna told Rachel, adding it was "stupid" not to get an epidural the last time. "I don't know how I did it with Gideon. It hurts so bad." The process was still not easy though. "Babe, we're not having another kid," Joy-Anna joked to Austin.

Evelyn was born healthy on Aug. 21, two days after her due date. The couple announced they were expecting again in March, after they revealed Joy-Anna suffered a miscarriage in July 2019. A week after Evelyn's birth, they shared her name and a collection of adorable studio photos of the growing Forsyth family. "I wanted her name to be perfect and elegant!" Joy-Anna wrote on Aug. 27. "We had a hard time deciding but after a few days finally settled on 'Evy Mae' and we think it fits her perfectly!"

New episodes of Counting On air on TLC Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET. Separately from the show, the Forsyths have been sharing their own updates on their YouTube channel. In an Aug. 28 video, Joy-Anna gave fans a look at the days leading up to Evelyn's birth and the options doctors were presenting them with. "We're excited. I'm kind of nervous," she said in the clip. "I really want to make the right decision for the baby and I don't wanna do anything to harm her or harm me."