'Counting On': Duggar Family Completely Surprises Jinger Vuolo for Her Birthday in Exclusive Preview

Jinger Duggar Vuolo had an emotional surprise waiting for her as she set out on a mystery date to [...]

Jinger Duggar Vuolo had an emotional surprise waiting for her as she set out on a mystery date to celebrate her 26th birthday with husband Jeremy Vuolo. Ahead of Tuesday's all-new episode of Counting On, PopCulture.com has an exclusive sneak peek of the big moment Jinger realizes it isn't just her west coast friends who were able to make the surprise party, but that her parents and siblings had traveled to be with her as well.

Led blindfolded up to the door of a friend's house, Jinger looks confused as Jeremy takes her inside, where a crowd of friends is waiting to sing "Happy Birthday." Once she realizes everyone is there to celebrate her, the tears begin to well in Jinger's eyes as she calls the party her "best surprise ever." The reality personality tells the camera, "I saw so many friends in the room, and it just blew me away, that Jer had planned all this for my birthday."

Jinger hasn't gotten the second half of her birthday surprise, however, which comes when sisters Jana and Jessa emerge from the back of the crowd, followed soon after by parents Michelle and Jim Bob. It's an emotional reunion for Jinger and her family, which Jeremy tells the camera is well-deserved for his wonderful wife.

"I want Jinger to know, how much people love and appreciate her," he says as people go around the room and share their admiration of the birthday girl. "She's an incredible woman, and she's incessantly selfless, always cared about others, and pouring out and serving, and using her time and energy to love others. I just want her to know how much she's loved in return."

Michelle Duggar is up next, telling the story of the day Jinger was born — the first home birth for the mother of 19. From the "little runny noses" and "spit up" to watching Jinger become a mother to her own daughter Felicity, Michelle gushes, "I look now and I see this godly woman. Daddy and I are so thankful, for you, Jing. You are a joy."

Having family and friends share their feelings about her was "really sweet," Jinger says after the night is done. "When people talk about you, you could be like, oh it's kind of awkward, cause all the attention on you. I don't think many people want to be put in that position, but then the words that they were saying just meant so much." Don't miss the rest of Jinger's birthday on Counting On, airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. For more about the Duggar family from PopCulture, click here.