Chip and Joanna Gaines Tackle Abandoned Home in 'Fixer Upper: Welcome Home' Premiere Clip

Fixer Upper stars Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines are back on television with a new show and a new problem. In a new preview for Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, Joanna discovered a strange mound while looking in an abandoned home. It could be termites or it could be something more worrisome. The investigation will play out in the Welcome Home series premiere, which starts streaming on discovery+ on Friday.

In the clip, first published by Entertainment Tonight, Joanna explained that she was looking over the house while Chip was on another assignment. While looking in the completely dilapidated bathroom, she spotted a scary mound of... something. "There was this mountain in the bathroom that looked to me like termites," she said. "Could be significant. Could be nothing. A little mound of stuff." She later showed the mound to Chip, who just moved dust away with a hammer.

"It smells highly suspicious," Chip said as he stood in the bathtub. "Very urine-like." The couple laughed, and Chip suggested it might have been a decomposed cat. Joanna refused to believe that. Incredibly, Chip picked up some of the dirt from the mound and tasted it! "It's got this odd tinge to it," Chip said as Joanna left the room, disgusted. Chip then started ripping apart the wall around the bathtub. He saw the wood behind the panels was still there, so he decided it could not have been termites. The real culprit behind the mound was not revealed, so fans will have to tune into the episode to find out.

Chip and Joanna ended the original Fixer Upper series in 2018, but could not stay away from the small screen for long. Not only are they starring in Welcome Home, but they are also launching their own network, Magnolia, which shares its name with their lifestyle brand. The new series will show how the couple balances their work with their family, which now includes 2-year-old son Crew. Chip and Joanna are also parents to Drake, 16, Ella, 14, Duke, 12, and Emmie, 10. The children were featured in a clip the Gaineses shared on TODAY.


The couple will also star in Road to Launch, which will include more "intimate conversations" between the two. Chip will also star in Courage to Run, which follows his training for his first marathon. Joanna will host her own cooking show, Magnolia Table. "Viewers will spend time in the kitchen with Joanna as she shares with us her favorite recipes, where they come from, and why she finds herself returning to them time and time again," reads the show's description.