'Catfish': Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford Investigate Most 'Out of Control' Case Yet (Exclusive)

As fans know, Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford are back for another season of Catfish: The TV Show. Their latest case features one of their most obsessed catfishes yet. In an exclusive clip from Wednesday's episode, Schulman and Crawford try to help out Emma, who has been dealing with a catfish whom she has blocked several times. Even though she's blocked the individual, they continue to try to meddle their way into her life. 

At the onset, there wasn't anything atypical with this case. Emma explained that a man named EJ followed her on Instagram and she later slid into his DMs. They then began to text back and forth. However, they have never spoken on the phone. Things took a major turn when EJ surprised Emma by taking a trip to see her. 

She said that EJ told her that he was taking a flight to New Jersey and, soon enough, he told her that he was outside of her house. Although, Emma didn't see him outside of her house and told him that she couldn't deal with their relationship anymore. The story got even fishier, as Emma said that EJ claimed that one of his friends, Kyle, took his phone and was the one who was speaking to her for at least a week. To back up his story, EJ shared a text message that he claimed was from Kyle in which his friend explained that he tried to mess things up with Emma. 

Since she thought that EJ's story was getting weirder and weirder, she looked up his phone number. She saw that it was registered to a woman named Tiana. EJ then claimed that Tiana was his fiancée. To make the matter even wilder, EJ admitted that he was using photos from a quarterback named Jake and that he wasn't who he was presenting to be, at all. He later sent his own photo and alleged that the "EJ" account was one that he and his friends, Kyle and Jake, used to cheat on their significant others. 

As if this story isn't wild enough, Emma actually knew that the new photo that EJ sent her wasn't him. She told the hosts that she knew that the individual was a popular athlete on TikTok. EJ still tried to make Emma believe his story. So, he had Jake send her a video wishing her well on her surgery. But, both Schulman and Crawford noted that the video seemed to be a Cameo. When they went to check Jake's Cameo page, they indeed saw the video in question and even saw a review left by "Emma." 

Emma reached out to Schulman and Crawford as she is growing increasingly more concerned about EJ's erratic behavior, which includes threatening to release intimate photos of her and contacting her friends. Considering that EJ is one of the most alarming cases, Schulman and Crawford vowed to get to the bottom of it for Emma. You can find out how the rest of the case turns out when Catfish airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.