'Bachelor's Bekah Martinez Accidentally Locked Her Kids in 'Blazing Hot' Car

Bekah Martinez is breathing a sigh of relief after a "scary" incident in which she accidentally locked her two young children in a "blazing hot" car over the weekend. The Bachelor alum, who shares 2-year-old daughter Ruth and 23-month-old son Franklin with boyfriend Grayston Leonard, took to her Instagram Story Saturday to share the harrowing story with her followers.

"Basically, long story short, I took the kids by myself to the beach," Martinez, 26, wrote, adding she "just wanted to get them out of the house and into the sun and saltwater" as Leonard was out of town. "As we were loading up the car to go, both kids were playing on the front seat and I shut the car door to keep them from falling out while I put stuff in the trunk," she continued, admitting she didn't realize the doors were locked with her keys and phone still sitting on the front seat.

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Beginning to panic, Martinez said Ruth "couldn't figure out how to unlock the doors," but Martinez was able to call 911 from a bystander's phone. "We were getting super nervous because the kids were POURING sweat and Frank was visibly shaking," she wrote. "A man was just about to help me break open the back window when the fire department got there and helped pry open the door." Both of Martinez's children were "fine," but it was a "really scary" incident that left the Bachelor Nation star "shaken up," writing honestly, "It's been a pretty bad day …"

The scare came less than a week after Martinez shared with her followers that she had successfully weaned Ruth from breastfeeding after months tandem feeding her two kids took her to her emotional limit. "It's hard to believe I'm writing this, but my tandem nursing and breastfeeding journey with Ruth is officially over," she wrote alongside photos breastfeeding her kids. Calling the moment "bittersweet," she looked back on "26 wonderful months of doing 'boobie' together," while also acknowledging it was "definitely time" to wean her oldest.


"I had gotten to the point where my toes were curling every time she'd latch; I felt extremely annoyed at her whenever she asked to nurse and it just wasn't fair to either of us anymore," she admitted. The reality personality thanked her followers who gave her advice and the "courage to assert my boundaries and wean with confidence." She continued, "Now, after a week of weaning, we're way past the toughest moments and it's been AMAZING to just cuddle with her without the need to latch!!"