Bachelorette Clare Crawley's Wedding Dress Was Stolen

With Clare Crawley's wedding right around the corner, The Bachelorette alum was shocked to discover recently that her wedding dress had been stolen. The longtime Bachelor Nation star recounted the wild story, as well as why she believes "everything is for a reason" on her Instagram Story ahead of her wedding to fiancé Ryan Dawkins. 

"I know I always share this, but I am deeply, deeply in the belief that everything is supposed to happen how it's supposed to happen, regardless of if it looks good or it looks bad or it's what I want or not what I want," Crawley, 41, began. "I trust to the depths of my soul that everything is for a reason. And we might not know what that reason looks like right now but it works out. So let me tell you what happened."

Crawley revealed that when she and Dawkins got back from a trip to Hawaii at the beginning of the week, her car had been broken into – and her wedding dress stolen from the inside. "It was in there because I was supposed to take it to get its last alteration and I wanted to remind myself not to forget it," Crawley explained. "And my wedding dress was taken."

"In the moment, I was like 'Ugh, what do I do?' And I thought, 'It's OK. It's about the moment and what we're celebrating," Crawley reminded herself. "'I can wear anything, and I'll be happy that we're getting married.'" Returning to the bridal shop where she purchased her dress, Crawley explained her story, and the store's owner jumped into action.

"Basically, within three days, I got a brand-new dress altered, pressed, completely altered again in the best way, like even more fitting," Crawley shared, noting that the replacement gown was even a dress she had added to her Pinterest board three years prior. "It's the dress of my dreams," she gushed. Getting emotional, the former ABC leading lady thanked the bridal store owner for everything she did to make her wedding day perfect. 

"She actually picked the dress out and was like, 'Here wear this one.' And I was like, 'OK, I'll wear anything!' " Crawley said. "And it literally turns out ... it's the most beautiful dress, and it's better than I could have imagined."