'Alaskan Bush People' Star Worries Fans After Emotional First Father's Day Without Dad Billy Brown

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has fans worried after his challenging year, including the loss of his father, Billy Brown. The embattled reality star has been grieving over his family's loss while also contending with his own personal strife with ex Raiven Adams and their baby together.

A recent post for Father's Day saw Bear note that it would be the first without his father. "Today is not an easy day for me, this is the first Dad's day that I don't have my dad with me!" Bear wrote in the caption for the post.

But some fans found themselves very worried after the Discovery channel star posted a cryptic message with a lifeless plant busting through concrete, with its leaves dying all around. To cap off the troubling imagery, Brown captioned the photo, "How I feel."

Fans of the ABP star swooped in hard with the positivity, noting that the plant doesn't have to appear weak and neither does Brown. "Resilient and strong! Where there is life growing in a hard world, there will always be hope," one fan wrote. "What I see in this picture is how strong that little plant is to overcome the odds, and you are the same. You're resilient and will continue to grow no matter how difficult it may be, stand strong, proud and, continue to be you and keep fighting the good fight. God bless you," another added.

According to Monsters & Critics, plenty of fans were also left confused by the post. Similar happened in May when Brown posted a melodramatic post regarding his breakup with Adams. "Hey! I wanted to give an official update," Brown wrote. "Raiven and I have gone our separate ways, we split up over a month ago." He posted this along with a photo of him wearing a tuxedo and sitting soaked in the shower.


Adams responded to the post, trying to cut off any "drama" before it popped up between the couple. "Bear wants to post online so I will simply say... I am looking for a healthy positive relationship if I am to have one at all and a happy life for our son," Adams wrote at the time. "As a couple we are unable to provide that for him so it is in River's best interest we are separated. This will not happen again as I have closed this chapter in my life and have put my focus to providing a happy home."

Fans are showing their support for the reality star, and hopefully, it works out. It has undoubtedly been a tough time for him and the rest of his family.