'Alaskan Bush People' Star Emotionally Mourns Another Death Months After Dad Billy Brown's Passing

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown was taking his followers on a journey with a group of young birds he was taking care of over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, one of the baby birds died, Brown revealed on Instagram over the Memorial Day weekend. The bird's death comes over four months after the death of Brown's father, Billy Brown, in February.

"I have some sad news. One of the baby birds passed away last night. The house had gotten kind of cold, and it crawled out of its nest in the middle of the night," Brown said in an Instagram Story video, reports The Sun. "And it got really cold, and it was really stiff and cold when I found it. I tried to warm it up and feed it, and it passed away. The other two are okay." Brown said the other two birds were still "really cold" as well, but they will be ok after he fed them and kept them warm.

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On Saturday, May 29, Brown shared a video of himself digging a grave for the deceased bird. Before putting dirt atop the tiny casket, Brown picked a flower and put it in the ground next to the bird. "I put the bird I named whistle whistle to rest where I put its sibling," Brown, 37, wrote. "I ran out of space on my phone. after the prayer, I went in to love and feed the other 2. God and Jesus bless us all." In several follow-up videos, Brown has assured his fans the other two birds are still alive. They appeared in a video he posted on Wednesday.

Brown's father Billy died on Feb. 7 at age 68 after suffering a seizure at home. He responded to his father's death with another video, in which he revealed that the two reconciled before Billy's death. Brown rarely appeared on Alaskan Bush People after he moved to California in 2018 to go to rehab. His decision to remain in California reportedly caused a rift between the two, but Brown said he recently reconnected with his father.

"Whether it's a family member or a friend or acquaintance, a bitter rival, or a teammate, loss it hurts," Brown said at the time. "And so does the grief. The one thing I know for sure about grief is it's best not to do it alone and so I want you to know that while at night when I'm missing my dad, and I say a little prayer for him, that I'm including you and yours too."


While Brown may have patched things up with his father before Billy died, Brown recently made headlines for a series of shocking allegations he made against the ABP producers and his parents. He accused his parents of keeping the money he earned from the show, leaving him with very little of his own money. He also criticized producers for portraying him as a "crazy person" on the show.