'Alaskan Bush People': Bear Brown's Plea Deal Could Help Star Avoid Serious Punishment

Alaskan Bush People's Bear Brown has the opportunity to dodge the most serious charges related to his past domestic violence arrest. According to TMZ, Brown's plea deal gives the reality star some hurdles to navigate before he becomes clear of wrongdoing. But he will likely avoid the most serious punishment.

Brown was arrested in April on 4th-degree domestic violence, spinning out from an argument with wife Raiven Adams. Adams claims the argument escalated from there and she was pushed down, with Brown pinning her to the bed. The Discovery reality star told a slightly different story, claiming he was going for her phone and never meant to get physical with her. TMZ notes that the only injury was a scratch on Adams, but it was enough for the arrest.

Conditions of the plea deal include informing the court of any address changes, pay $270 in fees, ditch all firearms, avoid any arrests, don't violate laws and don't commit any violence or harassment to another person. If he can clear all of those before November, when his next hearing will be held, Brown will be clear of the charges.

The couple were married in January after a whirlwind courtship that saw Adams break it off with Brown, return after discovering her pregnancy, and more ups and downs before finally tying the knot. And despite her role in the incident, Adams has shown a "united front" with her husband, going on a honeymoon together. She has also been clear to those seeking information on social media.

"I appreciate people being supportive and reaching out. That being said, I do not have anything to share publicly. I want the best for my family and I hope that this ends in my family's best interest. Anytime social media has been involved in our private matters it's ended worse. I do not want people being a bully on my behalf," Adams said in a post. "This situation can't be understood from anyone outside our situation. For anyone who genuinely cares how the real people in this situation feel. All I want is the respect and privacy to handle our personal issues as a family alone. This is all I will share no matter what goes on throughout this situation. I have no desire past this post to defend myself or the situation."