'Alaskan Bush People': Bear Brown Reaches Plea Deal After Domestic Violence Arrest

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has accepted a plea deal related to his domestic violence arrest from March 2022. The Sun reports that the reality star waived his right to a trial and accepted the plea, with details to be presented on May 12 by a Washington state judge.

The incident with Brown stems from an alleged assault on an unnamed victim after an argument with the victim and hours of Brown "cussing" and "being crazy." The reality star left and returned, "banging on the door" of the camper several times throughout the night. The next day, while Facetiming their family, the victim had another confrontation with Brown allegedly. It was at this point that Brown allegedly "pushed" the victim and tried to take their phone. The alleged victim was reportedly held down by Brown and had a scratch once authorities arrived and filled out their report.

One of the alleged victim's family members spoke with police and informed them they heard the alleged victim say, "ow you're hurting me," and that Brown allegedly cursed and called the victim "crazy." Brown was then arrested.

Despite the intensity of the reports and his arrest, Brown and partner Raiven have reconciled and put forth a united front. They even recently went on a honeymoon in recent weeks, posting plenty of shots on social media. Brown's partner has also been fairly open with her feelings on social media.

"I appreciate people being supportive and reaching out. That being said, I do not have anything to share publicly. I want the best for my family and I hope that this ends in my family's best interest. Anytime social media has been involved in our private matters it's ended worse. I do not want people being a bully on my behalf," Adams wrote. "This situation can't be understood from anyone outside our situation. For anyone who genuinely cares how the real people in this situation feel. All I want is the respect and privacy to handle our personal issues as a family alone. This is all I will share no matter what goes on throughout this situation. I have no desire past this post to defend myself or the situation."

There have been tough times for the couple before their marriage and reconciliation. Adams notably split from Brown before her pregnancy and later had to file a restraining order against him in February 2020. They later had a custody battle over their son, River, but all is in the past at this point and the couple seems happy. Check back for more details after the plea deal is revealed in court.