'90 Day Fiance' Star Claims Their Relationship Was Mostly Fake

Deavan Clegg has claimed that her relationship with Jihoon Lee on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way was 96% scripted in season 1 and only 50% authentic in season 2. When Clegg, a single mom in her 20s, met Jihoon, 27, through a dating app, she was barely 20. Lee flew from South Korea to the U.S. to meet her, and they went to a love hotel, only for Clegg to later become pregnant. Clegg spoke of how she was Lee's parents' worst fear due to her tattoos, being a single mom, and not having completed university. 

Lee, who could not be present for Clegg's delivery as she welcomed their son Taeyang, quit his job shortly afterward. Clegg was unsure if he could provide for them financially. Lee and Clegg married during her first trip, but she believed he needed to take on more responsibilities. During season two of The Other Way, Lee lied about having a lucrative job and a large bank account, which she discovered after returning to South Korea a second time. Clegg married Lee again in May 2020, but she miscarried before returning to the U.S. with the two children. Eventually, Clegg began accusing Lee of allegedly abusing her daughter Drascilla.

Clegg announced via Instagram on Monday that she and Lee are officially divorced, telling a 90 Day Fiancé fan that the two have never shared a romantic connection. After Clegg moved to South Korea, she and Jihoon "never slept in the same bed." 

 In several Instagram Stories, Clegg responded to questions relating to abuse and "If you want me to be 100 percent honest," she wrote, "I don't think there was a romantic connection, to begin with. We both felt this way and had talked about it several times. We did everything for the show because he had debts, and I had medical bills to pay. When I moved there, we never slept in the same bed we faked it for youtube and the show. Once he became abusive, I made him stay at his parents. I had planned to return home in March, then Covid hit, and my flight was canceled. We both had ended the relationship in November but decided to finish the season. We both knew we had to continue filming." Clegg contended she "thought it was pretty obvious to viewers we didn't like each other."

She told a fan that some of their storylines were real, while some were fictional. "Some was fake. Some was real. Season 1 … 96 % was fake. I wasn't seeking (honor/approval) when you saw us in Vegas we were already married on paper. It wasn't either of our ideas to get married. But his parents insisted to make it work."

In addition, she said she wasn't planning on moving to Korea, but TLC "insisted" they film there, and when they were cast for season 2, they were required to do so. "As for his debts and crimes, I really didn't know and found out on camera," she wrote on Instagram. "Season 2, I would say 50/50 drama was real. After the tea house we were both in it for just to get paid."

Lee is currently in South Korea, while Clegg is expecting her first child with Topher Park, her third child to be born. Jihoon hasn't spoken to Taeyang since the now three-year-old was 13 months old. Taeyang refers to Park as his father, and the former actor may adopt both of Clegg's kids. 

Clegg claimed that she won sole custody of the child she shares with Lee." After an almost two-year battle. I am officially DIVORCED. I couldn't be happier. This journey was very difficult and draining," she wrote on an Instagram Story. "I can finally speak out about my experience and the hell we went through as a family. I plan on releasing a video soon."