Megan Thee Stallion Is Being Sued by Her Record Label

Megan Thee Stallion's record label 1501 Certified Entertainment sued the Grammy-winning rapper Monday, claiming her latest album was not a full album. The company wants a judge to legally declare that her album Something for Thee Hotties does not constitute a new studio album under Megan's contract. Megan's lawyer called this "another absurd attempt" to get more money and "free work" from her.

The dispute between Megan and 1501, the label founded by former MLB player Carl Crawford, started in February when she sued to have Something for Thee Hotties declared a fulfillment of her contract. On Monday, 1505 countersued, arguing that the album is only a compilation of previously-released material, according to documents TMZ obtained. Something for Thee Hotties is "made up of 21 recordings and includes spoken interlude recordings on which MTS does not appear as well as several previously-released recordings," the lawsuit reads. The album does include new recordings, but only 29-minutes worth, which 1501 believes is not enough for the album to meet her contract requirements.

According to the label, Megan is "aware" that her albums must include at least 12 "new master recordings of studio performances" that have not been released before. 1501 also claims it must approve of all tracks, which it did not for Something for Thee Hotties.

The label wants a judge to declare that Something for Thee Hotties does not qualify as an album release, so she would be required to make two more albums for the label. The company also wants a full accounting of Megan's earnings from "collaborations, sponsorships, endorsements, and side engagements," accusing her of owing the label revenue from these projects. 1501 claims Megan could owe over $1 million.

Megan's attorney, Brad Hancock, denied 1501's allegations. "This is yet another absurd attempt by 1501 to disregard Megan's album and squeeze more money and more free work out of her for as long as possible. We will ask the court to protect Megan from this type of abuse," he told TMZ.

Megan also posted several tweets about the situation on Monday and wondered why 1501 did not drop her. "First the man over my label said I don't make him any money ... now he counter suing trying to keep me on his label because he wants to make more money lol if I ain't making you no money why not just drop me?" she wrote before calling label executives "greedy a— men." She also called 1501 a "joke a— label."

"Also, how can I owe you any of MY money out side of music when your team can't even provide ACTUAL statements of what i owe... you also haven't PAID ME since 2019," Megan wrote in another tweet. "Your team signed off on SOMETHING FOR THE HOTTIES to count as an ALBUM, now it's not? Jokes."

Megan released Something for Thee Hotties in October 2021 as a "thank you" to her fanbase. The album includes her previously-released YouTube freestyles, unreleased tracks from her archive, and skits from guest stars Juicy J, VickeeLo, and Dino BTW. The album also includes the singles "Thot S—" and "Megan's Piano."