Garth Brooks' Inauguration Day Performance Left Fans Wondering If He Had Gotten Hair Plugs

The Inauguration Ceremony for President Joe Biden attracted some A-list talent, including Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. One of the major performers was country legend Garth Brooks, who belted out "Amazing Grace" for the crowd of onlookers. However, it wasn't Brooks' performance that got some people talking on social media. It was his hair. Or rather, whether or not he had gotten new hair.

Twitter could not stop discussing the possibility that Brooks had gotten hair plugs. "When did Garth Brooks get hair?" tweeted one. "My biggest takeaway from the inauguration was that Garth Brooks got new hair," joked another. "They forgot to swear in Garth Brooks' hair transplant," one Twitter user quipped. "Couldn't get past his new hair plugs. Can say that as a card carrying bald guy," said one regretfully. However, some people were onboard. "Someone has to say it. Garth Brooks has great hair plugs," tweeted another.

Plenty of conservative country music fans were also upset that Brooks would play for a liberal president, despite Brooks' long history of championing progressive causes. Brooks has played every inauguration ceremony since Jimmy Carter's, except for Ronald Reagan's and Donald Trump's. "This is not a political statement," Brooks claimed. "This is a statement of unity."

Interestingly, Brooks declined to play at Trump's in 2017, citing "karma" and touring schedules, with strong ticket sales keeping him in Cincinnati for three shows. However, he did make a bit of a political statement at the time. "I'll tell you with this whole presidential thing, we got one going out: pray for him and his family," Brooks said. "And for the president going in, pray for him and his family to guide this nation. Let's stay together. Love, unity -- that's what it's all about."

At the time, Brooks also expressed his warm feelings about the Obamas. "We can't thank the Obamas enough for serving this country," Brooks said. "And may God hold Trump's hand in the decisions that he makes in this country's name as well." This affection was echoed by the enthusiastic hugs shared by Brooks and former President and Mrs. Obama at Biden's Inauguration.


Anyone who has listened to Brooks' songs "We Shall Be Free" and "The Change" can't be that surprised that the entertainer might lean further left that some of his contemporaries. Whether it's his perceived politics or the state of his hair, it's safe to say that Brooks is still worth of discussion after all these years.