Taylor Swift Takes Down Her Ex With the Help of Chris Stapleton on 'Red (Taylor's Version)'

"All Too Well" is hardly the only song on Red (Taylor's Version) where Taylor Swift takes aim at an ex-boyfriend. "I Bet You Think About Me," Swift's collaboration with country music star Chris Stapleton, also includes lyrics criticizing an ex-lover. Like "All Too Well," this song is also speculated to be about Swift's 2010-2011 relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal, just before she turned 21.

"I Bet You Think About Me" is one of the six "From the Vault" songs on Red (Taylor's Version), meaning that Swift wrote the song around the time Red was originally recorded in 2012. The song did not make the cut at the time, but Swift decided now was the time to dust it off with the help of Stapleton.

The lyrics are pure Swift, as she takes apart a former lover. "You grew up in a silver spoon gated community," she tells her ex, compared to her own modest upbringing, notes Rolling Stone. She also tells her former lover that his new lover "has a fine pedigree," but she doubts he will ever be happy. She also calls out her ex for having "organic shoes" and a "million dollar couch" and going to "cool indie music concerts."

Swift has referred to Red as her only "true" heartbreak album, and it's speculated that this was caused by Gyllenhaal, whom Swift dated from October 2010 to January 2011, notes StyleCaster. If that's the case, the lyrics to "I Bet You Think About Me" do correctly describe Gyllenhaal as someone who had a privileged upbringing compared to Swift. Gyllenhaal's parents are screenwriter Naomi Foner and director Stephen Gyllenhaal, and he grew up in Los Angeles.

Other songs on Red are believed to be about Gyllenhaal, including "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," which was a monster hit when the original version was released in 2012. The full 10-minute version of "All Too Well" also made it clear to fans that it was about Gyllenhaal too. During a stop on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Swift had the perfect response when Meyers asked her about the subjects of her songs. "I wonder if there are people who might think that they were the one you were singing about, if it's easier or far, far worse for them 10 years later," Meyers said. "I haven't thought about their experience, to be honest," Swift replied.

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