Vanessa Hudgens Corrects Kendall Jenner 'Summer Bod' Caption

Vanessa Hudgens is offering up a valuable reminder to love your body this summer, regardless of what it looks like. The High School Musical star, 32, was quick to correct an Instagram post featuring Kendall Jenner showing off her slim figure in a swimsuit that was captioned "summer bod," jumping in the comments to let people know how she felt about the designation. "*A* summer bod. Cause all bodies in the summer are summer bods. Just saying," Hudgens wrote with a wink.

Instagram users were loving her message, with one person replying, "This is why we love you." Others echoed her comments in their own messages, with one person writing, "if u have a body. and it is summer. then u have a summer body." Another questioned Jenner's caption, writing, "Really? This is the message we went to send?" Hudgens has been an advocate for body positivity for a while now, admitting to PEOPLE in 2016 that she tries to stay grateful for her body even while dealing with her own insecurities.

Often dealing with insecurities over her stomach, Hudgens noted, "I don't think we give our bodies enough gratitude for simply just doing what it does, without us telling it to do it." Embracing her body for how it helps her live her life, as opposed to how it looks, is important. "Just the fact that it can digest food for you and keep food down and fight off bacteria. Realizing that has helped me love my body a little more," she said of keeping a positive mindset.

The Spring Breakers star told Women's Health in 2017 that yoga has become a valuable part of her life. "I don't consider it fitness," she explained. "It's more like therapy for me." She also likes to let go and get moving with SoulCycle, which she called "like dancing without the stress of worrying if you look good."


Hudgens has also been embracing a new relationship as of late, telling Entertainment Tonight in April that she met boyfriend Cole Tucker in about the most 2020 way possible. "Me and Cole met on a Zoom meditation group. Very random, yes," Hudgens said. "Zoom, you've got to love it." She continued that she is very happy in their relationship, calling the MLB player "kind of perfect" for her. "I think that it's also so important to stay grateful for everything that you have in life. I've been making that a priority, and I feel like it's just been making magic happen all the more," she explained.