Valerie Bertinelli Calls Police After Catching Alleged Burglars Near Her House

Valerie Bertinelli is breathing a sigh of relief, and considering upping her security system, following a "scary" near run-in at her home. After her neighborhood began to experience "a string of robberies," including her next-door neighbor, the Food Network star shared in a Wednesday Instagram update that she caught alleged burglars on surveillance video outside her home this week.

Bertinelli shared video footage and photos of the two men, whom she alleged were burglars, on her Story. The actress claimed that the unidentified men came to "scope out" her home Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning at around 1 a.m. In the video, one of them men could be seen wearing a black hat and carrying several bags, including a large backpack, as he approached the camera. The man paused and looked around briefly before turning around and walking away. Bertinelli said she believed the man "stops because he sees my camera lit up," as she revealed that the other man captured by her surveillance system "came an hour before him. F-ing scary." That man also wore a hat and was carrying a large backpack as he was captured on camera outside her home.

Thankfully, the Hot in Cleveland actress did not become the latest victim in the string of burglaries. Bertinelli shared that the police "came around pretty quickly and checked around the houses." She also revealed that the terrifying incident has her reconsidering her current security system. Bertinelli said that she is "installing more motion detector lights and thinking of putting barbed wire on my front fence. And of course my alarm gets set every night."

Bertinelli's experience comes amid a number of high-profile burglaries targeting celebrities. This year alone has seen Robert De Niro, Arsenio Hall, and Zoey Deutch become victims of the crimes. Back in July, Mariah Carey joined that list when her Atlanta home was burglarized while the singer was vacationing in Capri, Italy, and staying at her $20 million Hamptons mansion. Just a month earlier, UFC legend Tito Oritz's Southern California home was burglarized. According to reports at the time, police were called to the home in the early morning hours. Ortiz was not home at the time of the burglary. This past year also saw David and Victoria Beckham's $40 million home in Holland Park, West London burglarized. The crime was discovered when the couple's son Cruz returned from a night out with his friends sometime after midnight and noticed that a window in the spare bedroom had been broken, leaving glass on the floor. The thief reportedly made off with thousands of pounds worth of designer and electric goods.