David and Victoria Beckham's Home Hit by Masked Burglar

David and Victoria dealt with an incredibly scary situation recently. According to The Sun, the couple's $40 million home in Holland Park, West London was broken into in late February. While the family is safe following the incident, the publication did note that David, Victoria, and their 10-year-old daughter Harper were at home when it occurred. 

The couple's 17-year-old son Cruz discovered that the home had been burglarized when he returned from a night out with his friends sometime after midnight. He reportedly noticed that a window in the spare bedroom had been broken, leaving glass on the floor. The teen promptly told his father, who called the police. David and Cruz reportedly then searched the residence while Victoria remained with Harper. By that point, the intruder was gone. They reportedly made off with thousands of pounds worth of designer and electric goods. 

At the time, it is not known whether the intruder was disturbed, leading him to leave the residence. But, The Sun reported that it is possible that the crime ties back to other activity in the area, as two other nearby homes were broken into on the same night. A source shared some more insight into the ordeal and explained what went down at the Beckhams' home. 

"Sadly the Beckhams were the victims of some fairly professional thieves who have been operating in the area," the source told The Sun. "Fortunately the criminals only made it as far as one bedroom before they ran off." They added, "The thieves had broken through a window and darted straight back out of the same one with a small number of items. Luckily none had a huge amount of sentimental value to the family." The insider also said that when it comes to the Beckhams' house, the security is "very good, both physically and technically."

Since the incident, authorities have been reviewing footage that reportedly shows the intruder in the act. Based on the footage, the individual climbed over the gate at the front of the house, shimmied up the side of the residence, and then broke in through a window in a spare bedroom. Understandably, the ordeal has left the Beckham family "shaken up." The source added, "It was very upsetting for them to find out the burglar had broken into the house while they were at home." Following the scary situation, David and Victoria have reportedly ordered a review of their home's security.