Taylor Swift Seemingly Trolled by Jake Gyllenhaal in New Photoshoot

Is Jake Gyllenhaal trolling Taylor Swift? The cultural discussion around these famous exes was reignited with the 2021 release of Red (Taylor's Version), which included a 10-minute version of her song "All Too Well," which documents the breakdown of their brief relationship in 2010. Although Gyllenhaal has not directly responded to Swift's song, which paints him in a rather unflattering light, some people think that he might be calling the singer out in his new photoshoot with W Magazine.

In the new Best Performances Issue, Gyllenhaal is promoting his role In Netflix's The Guilty, and his accompanying photo could be a direct dig at Swift. Gyllenhaal is wearing a bright red button-up shirt, which could be a reference to the album title, and is even wearing heart shape sunglasses identical to the ones that Swift wore in the "22" music video. Plus, while the caption on W Magazine's Instagram post has been changed to reflect Gyllenhaal's work In the film and details about the shoot, it was originally written as "Red (Jake's Version)" before being edited.

Fans were thrilled by the pettiness in the original caption, sounding off in the comment section. "Jakes version! I am dying!" wrote one fan. "Red Shirt, The 22 music video sunglasses!! [skull emoji] Jake and [photographer] Tim Walker woke up and chose violence," quipped another. "The caption lmao y'all playing a dangerous game," joked another commenter. "Whoever wrote that caption deserves a raise," wrote another. Others simply left a red scarf emoji, which is a reference to a famous lyric from the track.


According to a previous report by E! News, the song, the new music video, and all the fan speculation is barely a blip on Gyllenhaal's radar. Hopefully, that doesn't infuriate fans even further. "Jake has no interest in any of it," a source close to Gyllenhaal said. "He doesn't read gossip or pay any attention to that. He's living his life and focused on himself. He's ignoring all of the noise." For those catching up, Gyllenhaal and Swift dated for around three months in 2010, and "All Too Well" was on Swift's album Red in 2012. At the time, it was assumed that it was about Gyllenhaal based on a few context clues, and the new extended version of the song drops some even stronger hints.