Miles Teller Speaks out Following Criticism After Starring in Taylor Swift's Blake Lively-Directed Music Video

Miles Teller is clarifying his COVID-19 vaccination status after starring in Taylor Swift's new music video for "I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)," directed by Blake Lively. The Whiplash actor, who plays the role of Swift's ex in the music video, took to Twitter after fans brought up a Daily Mail report from September claiming his refusal to get vaccinated caused a set shutdown on one of his other projects. 

"Hey guys, I don't usually feel the need to address rumors on here but I am vaccinated and have been for a while," Teller wrote Tuesday on Twitter. "The only thing I'm anti is hate." While some people responded that he must have gotten vaccinated after being "called out," others argued that Teller getting vaccinated in general was a positive thing for public health.

In September, The Daily Mail reported that production was shut down on the Paramount+ limited series The Offer, which chronicles the making of The Godfather, due to Teller contracting COVID-19. "Miles Teller is not vaccinated. He wouldn't even get the test," the publication reported, citing on-set sources. "Now he's brought the virus to the set and the whole set had to shut down." The actor's rep said at the time that those facts were "incorrect," but did not elaborate on what about the report was inaccurate.

Last month, Teller's vaccination status was also alluded to in a Hollywood Reporter article discussing, in part, The Offer shutdown. "That positive person was publicly identified as a series star who was said to be unvaccinated," the article stated, reporting that the stoppage resulted in a $6 million loss for the limited series. A rep for Paramount+, in response, countered the figure lost was below $6 million.

Twitter also was suspicious of Teller's vaccination status due to his close friendship with NFL player Aaron Rodgers and his bride-to-be Shailene Woodley. Rodgers, who recently tested positive for COVID, was called out for misleading people about his vaccination status, saying in August as the football season was preparing to get underway that he was "immunized." Earlier this month, Rodgers apologized to "anybody who felt misled" by his comments.