'Ridiculousness' Star Suffers Horrifying Injury

Ridiculousness star Steelo Brim is currently healing up after he suffered a gruesome ankle injury. The MTV personality, 34, found himself in the hospital following a pickup basketball game gone wrong, resulting in Brim sustaining a truly gruesome injury in which his entire foot was pointing the wrong way.

Brim opened up about the painful incident in an Aug. 21 Instagram post, which included a slideshow documenting his trip to the doctors. While Brim joked that "they caught yo boy slippin," he explained that he suffered the injury when he "landed on someone's foot/leg coming down from a layup." This resulted in a pretty bad looking injury to his ankle, with images included in the post showing Brim's ankle turned at a stomach-churning angle. The injury was so gnarly that doctors had to cut off Brim's show, a moment he captured on video. Thankfully, Brim's injury wasn't as severe as it looked, with the TV personality explaining, "luckily it's just dislocated," as he humorously requested that fans, "send me well wishes and money."

Just a few days later, Brim gave fans an update on his recovery. On Aug. 24, the Ridiculousness star shared a photo of himself in the tub, but this time he was sporting a black cast on his leg. Brim shared with fans, "just so y'all know I don't need surgery, no real rehab, just need a cast for 2 months." According to Brim, he suffered a talus dislocation, which he admitted was : not bad seeing what appeared to be far worse. Blessed is an understatement."

Brim's injury generated plenty of responses, with some reacting to the gruesome nature of the injury while others sent the star well-wishes. One person commented that "this needed a warning label," while Melvin Gregg quipped, "Yooooo! U decided to make ur own Ridiculousness Clip! Get well soon bro." Meanwhile, Brim's Ridiculousness co-star Chanel West Coast commented, "hope you heal fast!" Amid the wave of commented, Brim wrote, "Thank You for all your well wishes, I definitely feel the love." He also joked on Twitter, "My ankle way more famous than me right now."

Brim is best known known for his appearances on Ridiculousness, MTV's comedy clip show that sees the star Rob Dyrdek, and West Coast giving their hilarious reactions to various viral videos from the Internet. Brim serves as co-host and producer of the series, which premiered in 2011 and still airs. Brim hosts the Wine and Weed podcast.