'Ridiculousness' Star Steelo Brim's Dogs Were Stolen From His Home

Steelo Brim of MTV's Ridiculousness lost his dogs on Friday night, and he turned to his Instagram [...]

Steelo Brim of MTV's Ridiculousness lost his dogs on Friday night, and he turned to his Instagram followers for help.

Brim, one of the co-hosts of the internet clip show, got online to beg his fans for help on Friday night, believing that his dogs had been stolen out of his home. He posted photos them to help fans identify them, and explained that his security cameras had picked up footage of a woman walking away with them.

"My babies are missing!" Brim wrote. If you have ANY information please DM me. I just want to get them back home safe and sound. Last seen in the Sherman Oaks area. Camera footage shows woman picking them up and walking away. REWARD."

(Photo: Instagram @steelobrim)

Brim's post went viral in no time, as fans and colleagues shared his concern for the little dogs. Ridiculousness host Rob Dyrdek reposted Brim's plea with an addition appeal of his own.

"HELP GET STEELO HIS DOGS BACK!!!" he wrote. "I know someone that follows me knows the woman that ran up to [Steelo Brim]'s house and stole his dogs. It's your sister, your mom, your high school friend, your neighbor, it's someone that you just saw with these two dogs that you know is not hers. Just help return the dogs home safe. Imagine if someone steals both of your dogs... This is crazy. We need all of LA's help. Find this woman."

Thankfully, the story had a happy ending. Just a few hours later, Brim took to his Instagram Story revealing that he had found his dogs and gotten them home.

(Photo: Instagram @steelobrim)

"Thank y'all soooo much," he wrote over a clip of himself in a parking lot picking up his dogs.

"I want to thank everybody so much, I promise to God, y'all are the best," he said. "Oh, I want to cry... I got my dogs back, man. I got my dogs back."

Shortly after that, Brim posted clips from inside his house, where his dogs were eating happily from their bowls in his kitchen. He continued to shower thanks on the Instagram community for coming out in full force to help him out. The videos also showed Brim's house full of friends who had apparently helped out with the search.

Brim is best known for his appearances on Ridiculousness, where he, Dyrdek and a rotating cast of celebrity guests give commentary on the viral videos of the week. He also hosts the Wine and Weed Podcast, which is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Ridiculousness airs on Sundays at Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.