Kendall Jenner Addresses Latest Photoshop Fail Claims

Kendall Jenner has responded to rumors that her recent photo was photoshopped. Earlier this weekend, Jenner shared a slideshow of photos on Instagram showing her lounging in a bikini and enjoying her time at the beach. Most of the images appeared to be fairly standard, but one photo in particular left fans reeling. It shows Jenner, 27, squatting in a string bikini while using her fingers and toes to keep herself steady. The "photoshop fail" commenters pointed out is the right hand, which looks too long to be authentic. One user suggested that a misused filter and failed photoshop were responsible for the problem on Reddit. "We can almost clearly outline what exactly was edited. It's like they filtered the photo then edited the photo and the changes no longer had the filter applied and they forgot to reapply it before posting," the user suggested. Hailey Bieber, Jenner's friend and fellow model, addressed the backlash and posted a video on Instagram Stories showing Jenner's hand to prove that it's as bizarrely long as the internet claims. 

"While you're sitting here analyzing, look how bizarre her hand looks normally," Bieber said as Jenner showed off her hand. "This is live. Live footage of the hand." Meanwhile, Jenner seemingly seems unfazed by the outrage over her appendage, giggling and moving her hand around. "It's crazy," Jenner can be heard saying while laughing. "Been had long a— hands x fingers," Bieber, who added a few alien emojis to her caption, wrote over the video. Jenner has been accused of photoshopping before. In February 2021, Jenner was accused of photoshopping pictures from a photoshoot for half-sister Kim Kardashian's SKIMS brand. InTouch Weekly noted that one particular Instagram account, @problematicfame, pointed out how they believed Jenner Photoshopped the photos she posted on Instagram to promote her sister's new collection. 

They wrote, alongside a selfie that the model took while donning a red lingerie set from SKIMS, "This photo is very Photoshopped. Kendall is obviously very gorgeous, but these are not her real proportions, nor are they anybody's. Please don't compare yourself too heavily to edited images. Even Kendall doesn't look like this IRL." They continued to address the matter on their Instagram Story. The @problematicfame account wrote about the selfie in question, "No one's belly button is just a tiny slit; nobody has a completely flat stomach 24/7. Everyone is gorgeous just as they are. This ridiculous Photoshop needs to stop." The account added, "The smoothing around the bikini line is ridiculous. Nobody looks like that. Gals have lines, razor bumps, discoloration, etc. Nobody is completely smooth down there."Jenner did not address the controversy surrounding the possibly Photoshopped photos.