Kendall Jenner Accused of Photoshopping Skims Selfies in Red Lingerie

Kendall Jenner recently posed for a photoshoot with her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner to [...]

Kendall Jenner recently posed for a photoshoot with her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner to celebrate the launch of the Valentine's Day collection for Kardashian's SKIMS brand. However, the photos have already caused a stir online, with many accusing Jenner of Photoshopping her snaps. According to InTouch Weekly, fans have been writing on social media that they believe that Jenner Photoshopped snaps of her wearing the SKIMS collection, therefore showcasing an unattainable body image.

InTouch Weekly noted that one particular Instagram account, @problematicfame, pointed out how they believed that Jenner Photoshopped the photos that she posted on Friday to celebrate the launch of her sister's latest collection. They wrote, alongside a selfie that the model took while donning a red lingerie set from SKIMS, "This photo is very Photoshopped. Kendall is obviously very gorgeous, but these are not her real proportions, nor are they anybody's. Please don't compare yourself too heavily to edited images. Even Kendall doesn't look like this IRL."

They continued to address the matter on their Instagram Story. The @problematicfame account wrote about the selfie in question, "No one's belly button is just a tiny slit; nobody has a completely flat stomach 24/7. Everyone is gorgeous just as they are. This ridiculous Photoshop needs to stop." The account added, "The smoothing around the bikini line is ridiculous. Nobody looks like that. Gals have lines, razor bumps, discoloration, etc. Nobody is completely smooth down there."

On Monday, amidst the growing controversy surrounding Jenner's post, @problematicfame addressed the matter on Instagram. In their message, they noted that it was simply their opinion that the selfie appeared to be Photoshopped. However, they encouraged their followers to keep in mind that many of the images they see on the internet could be filtered or edited in certain ways. They wrote, "i said this twice in the post but i will say it again, kendall is gorgeous no matter what. all body types are beautiful and should be appreciated. i just think it's an important reminder that the internet is usually filtered + posed! spread love." As of the time of the article's publication, Jenner has not addressed the controversy surrounding the possibly Photoshopped photos in question.