Kanye West's Doctor Says He's 'in a Stable Mental State,' Despite Rants

A doctor has reportedly weighed in on the mental state of Kanye West. The rapper and business mogul had gone on a lengthy Twitter rant on Monday, which included scornful remarks about his wife, Kim Kardashian, and NBC's involvement in Bill Cosby's incarceration. A source close to the situation provided an update on West to PEOPLE, who's currently in Cody, Wyoming, with friends.

"They are very concerned about his mental health and taking action," the source said. "They are working to get him the help he needs. He's been seen by a doctor. He was assessed, and the assessment on Monday determined that he did not need immediate hospitalization and that he was in a stable mental state at the time. Don C was the best man at Kanye's wedding and an executive at his G.O.O.D. Music label. John Monopoly is Kanye's former manager. Those close to him are concerned, and this is everyone's top priority to make sure that he's safe and getting the help he needs."

Despite the diagnosis, another source spoke to Us Weekly on Wednesday, indicating that Kardashian has been exploring options looking into a possible divorce from West. "Kim has been meeting with lawyers to explore and talk about divorce," a source claimed, while another added that while she has stood by her husband through controversial moments in the past, she has "wanted to make it work." West, it appears, has been exploring similar options himself.

Along with the recent tweet tirade, West has been behaving unpredictably over the past few weeks, including during a rally in South Carolina on Sunday, which is part of his possibly suspended presidential run. At the rally, West told a story publicly about considering abortion when he and Kardashian first found out they were pregnant with their oldest child, North. "I was having, like, you know, the rapper's lifestyle, so she said she was pregnant and for one month and two months and three months we talked about her not having this child," he said. "She had the pills in her hand… I almost killed my daughter."


West had also made some other questionable claims at the rally, including asserting that Harriet Tubman didn't actually free the slaves, but rather had them go "work for other white people." The remarks were widely condemned, including members of Tubman's own family.