Kanye West Says Kim Kardashian Wants to Lock Him up Over Abortion Confession

In his now-deleted outburst on Twitter on Monday night, Kanye West claimed that his wife Kim Kardashian was trying to "lock [him] up" after he revealed that she had considered getting an abortion. He was referring to his political rally on Sunday night, where he said that Kardashian had seriously considered terminating their first pregnancy before it resulted in their eldest daughter, North West. Fans and friends are worried about West amid his various controversial statements.

West was in North Carolina on Sunday evening, seeking support for his last-minute presidential run when he tearfully broached the issue of abortion and women's health rights. He teared up during this discussion, saying that he and Kardashian took steps towards terminating her pregnancy before West convinced her otherwise. According to a report by USA Today, he said that he received a message directly from God and that Kardashian believed too, telling him: "We're going to have this baby." About 24 hours later, in Monday night's Twitter spree, West said that Kardashian was angry he had shared this story.

"Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie Get Out because I cried about saving my daughters life yesterday," he wrote. In separate tweets, he added: "Everybody knows the movie get out is about me," and "Kim tried to bring a doctor to lock me up with a doctor."

West also claimed that his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, was trying to have him "locked up," adding: "IF i get locked up like Mandella Ya'll will know why." He was tweeting from his family's remote home in rural Wyoming, with his wife and children apparently back in California.

West's speech on Sunday was received as poorly as his tweets on Monday. At his campaign rally, West said: "even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech, she brought North into the world, even when I didn't want to. She stood up, and she protected that child." He seemed to be taking a generally anti-abortion stance, adding that his parents had considered that option as well.


"My dad wanted to abort me. My mom saved my life. There would have been no Kanye West because my dad was too busy," said West. "I almost killed my daughter."

Fans and friends have come out in droves to express worry for West on social media, with many speculating about the state of his mental health. West has previously said that he has been diagnosed with various mental illnesses and that he has been prescribed medication, but he does not always take it. After Monday night's outbursts, several celebrity friends, including Dave Chapelle, reportedly flew to Wyoming to be with West in person and try to work things out with him.