Julia Fox Reveals She Lost Weight Trying to 'Make It Work' With Kanye West

Julia Fox is opening up about the impact her short but high-profile relationship with Kanye West had on her. The Uncut Gems actress, 32, said in a new New York Times article published Thursday that while she did attempt to "make it work" with the Donda artist, their relationship wasn't "sustainable" for her life.

"I tried my best to make it work," Fox explained. "I already had a jam-packed life. How do I fit this really big personality into this already full life?" She continued, "It just wasn't sustainable. I lost like 15 pounds in that month." Fox and West made headlines back in January after meeting at a New Year's Eve party. After what Fox told Interview Magazine was an "instant connection," the two were spotted jet-setting from Miami to New York, where they saw a performance of Slave Play and dined at Carbone. Before their split was made official in February, the two traveled to Los Angeles, Paris and Miami, before circling back to New York, where they celebrated Fox's 32nd birthday together.

When it comes to the criticism Fox has been facing online, the model told the Times she wasn't concerned about what people had to say on social media. "It's not real," she said. "It's only happening on the internet. I'm not actively engaging with it. I don't feel it. I'm still 1,000 percent me. Nothing's changed, except, I will say, having been around Kanye was like a crash course on how to be famous."

Fox also called claims that she auditioned to be West's girlfriend following his split from ex-wife Kim Kardashian "ridiculous," noting that she never signed a nondisclosure agreement. When it comes to the exact terms of their relationship and whether she and the Grammy-winner ever were officially boyfriend and girlfriend, Fox clarified, "I don't think those words ever came out of my mouth, actually. It definitely felt like I was his girlfriend. But it also felt like I was being cast in the role of his girlfriend – and he was casting me. He was the orchestrator of it all. It really did feel like a movie."