Hugh Grant Doesn't Want to 'Pontificate' on Hollywood's Sexual Assault Epidemic

Hollywood has been rocked with wave after wave of sexual assault allegations in the last month, but not every star is willing to talk about them.

Speaking with Radio 4’s Front Row on Wednesday, Hugh Grant said that he didn't want to comment on the allegations due to his own past actions.

"When it comes to sexual ethics I don’t want to be the person to pontificate," the actor explained, via the Daily Mail. "There’s murk in my past."

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In 1995, Grant was arrested after being caught in a car with a prostitute. At the time, Grant was dating actress Elizabeth Hurley. The actor was arrested for indecent conduct and pleaded no contest to the charges. He was given two years probation, paid a fine and was ordered to complete an AIDS education program.

Grant did respond when asked about Harvey Weinstein, calling the producer's accusers "brave."

"As a general rule, and this isn’t a very daring thing to say, sexual harassment should have zero tolerance in whatever form, anywhere. In whatever country, in whatever business," he said. "My hat goes off to those women who are brave enough to speak out at least on the Weinstein thing."


When presenter Samira Ahmed told Grant, "You’re honest and yet I feel there’s a lot you’ve learned not to say," the actor responded, "We live in a world of bear traps."

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