Cardi B Explains Offset Reunion, But Reportedly 'Going Through' With Divorce

Rapper Cardi B filed for divorce from her husband, Migos member Offset, just last month, but after they were seen together in Las Vegas earlier this week, speculation began running wild that they were back together. During an Instagram Live session on Tuesday, Cardi B admitted it was hard to avoid hanging out with him after three years of marriage. However, a source told Us Weekly Thursday Cardi is still going through with the divorce.

When Cardi celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas on Oct. 11, the "WAP" rapper and Offset were seen kissing during the party. Offset also posted a loving tribute to Cardi, with whom he shares 2-year-old daughter Kulture. During her Tuesday Instagram Live chat with fans, Cardi said she was "just starting to miss" Migos and it was hard "not to talk to your best friend," reports XXL Mag. "It's really hard not to talk to your best friend. And it’s really hard to have no d—," she wrote.

Later, Cardi said there was a back-and-forth conversation between the couple, and she said she was not bipolar "because I took a test." She also confirmed a report that Migos got her a Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV and a Rolls-Royce car seat for Kulture. "I do like material things," Cardi admitted. "What do you want me to do? The n— gave me a Rolls-Royce and I snuff him? And I really wanted some d— for my birthday."

She also insisted there was very little difference between their situation and the situation people who aren't famous face with marital issues. We’re some really typical two folks, two young motherf—, got married early, that’s what we are," Cardi said. "We’re not no different than y’all f— dysfunctional a— relationships. We’re the same way. We’re just more publicly. And I’m more retarded."


Cardi and Offset married in 2017, but it was a year before the two confirmed their nuptials publicly. On Sept. 15, TMZ confirmed Cardi filed for divorce and was seeking primary physical custody and legal custody of Kulture. Despite Cardi's comments on Tuesday, a source told Us Weekly she still plans to go through with the divorce. "[They] are still technically separated, but they still hook up occasionally and are trying to co-parent as best as they can," the source explained.

During their relationship, there have always been rumors of Offset cheating on Cardi with other women. After filing for divorce, Cardi directly addressed one rumor that Offset impregnated another woman. Cardi shot the rumor down. "People were just flooding me with ... 'Oh, Offset got a girl pregnant.' And this is where the s— came from. Ain't that about a b—," Cardi told fans on Instagram. "That is why I be telling y'all to stop believing ... what people be saying, these blogs are saying, especially blogs that have a certain type of hatred toward me."