Bob Saget's 'Full House' Co-Stars Remember Him on Anniversary of His Death

Bob Saget's Full House family remembered their late co-star with love one year after the comedian died on Jan. 9, 2022, in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, Florida after performing a stand-up show. Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, John Stamos and Jodie Sweetin all took to Instagram with loving tributes to Saget as they looked back on his impact on their lives

"I stayed up for hours watching videos of Bob on my phone," Bure wrote on Instagram alongside photos with Saget over the years. "Videos I couldn't watch a year ago because it hurt too much. Last night they made me laugh. They comforted me and warmed my heart. I watched them over and over and laughed so hard. I miss him so much and I'm grateful he was my friend for so many years. I love you, Bob. *now go hug a friend like Bob would."

Coulier also looked back on his friendship with Saget as he posted a goofy photo posing mid-hug with his late friend. "Bob could always bring out the 5th grader in me," he wrote. "I met him when I was just an unknown, 18 year-old standup at a small club in Detroit. We became instant brothers. Sometimes, I still grab my phone, ready to share one of the hundreds of silly bits that we did together."

"At some point today, Ill think about how much I miss him and I'll shed some tears," he continued. "Then I'll hear Bob's voice, and it'll make me laugh. Enjoy the gifts of life while they're still here with you. Tell those you love that you love them...and hug them like Bob Saget."

Stamos commemorated Saget with a video of the two doing crowd work during their days filming Full House in front of a live audience. "'The most lost day in our life is the day we don't laugh,'" he began. "It's hard sometimes Bob without you, but we'll try. We'll keep loving and will keep hugging just like you want us to. I can't believe it's been a year, time flies when you're grieving I guess."

Full House's Sweetin also shared a lengthy tribute to her on-screen dad. "Hi Bob.... It's Jodie (the way you would start/end every text, voicemail or call, 'By the way, it's Bob' as if there was any doubt)," she began. "I just wanted you to know, I've thought of you every day for the past year. It's just not the same without you with us, and I don't think it ever will feel like that again. I wish you had been here over the last year, oh... there's so many moments you were supposed to be here for. So many times I thought of calling you and thinking, 'What would Bob do in this moment?' Mostly the answer to that is 'make a joke about it '... so I do that. A lot."

Sweetin continued that she's learned to use humor "even when I probably shouldn't" over the years, but in those moments, she can "hear [Saget] just over my shoulder, laughing the hardest." Looking back at some of the milestones in her own life over the past year she wished Saget could have been there to see, Sweetin noted that "so many people" were missing her late friend on the anniversary of his passing. 

"So many memories, from so many people, over so many years. What a gift they are. Those memories. Those bits of anchor that hold us down when sometimes we miss someone so much that it feels we'll float away," she wrote. "I'm thinking of ALL of my #FHFamily today... so grateful for a lifetime of memories. Beautiful ones, heartbreaking ones, just regular old "eating lunch with the people you love" sorta ones. Each of them perfect. ...You will always remind me to love bigger, laugh harder, and hug like Bob Saget."