Mandy Moore Debuts Stunning Nursery Ahead of the Birth of Her First Child

Mandy Moore is preparing for the birth of her first child! As the This Is Us actress and husband Taylor Goldsmith eagerly await the new member of their family, the pregnant star gave her social media followers a glimpse of how the baby's nursery is coming along. Moore reposted photos from the room shared originally by her interior designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel, over the weekend, showing off the chic furnishings.

"Meanwhile in LA we are installing a special nursery for baby boy," Samuel wrote on the photo, adding that she had to supervise via FaceTime. In the photos, you can see a black and white mural of flowers and plants as well as a day bed, white rug and canopy. It certainly is a glamorous setting for Moore and Goldsmith's baby boy, providing an updated take on a traditional nursery attire.

Mandy Moore nursery
(Photo: Mandy Moore)

On Feb. 3, Moore revealed that the end of her pregnancy has been a bit of a bumpy road after learning her platelets were low. "Weekly platelet check at the hematologist. My platelets have dropped exponentially during pregnancy and it's sadly altered my birth 'plan,'" she wrote on her Instagram Story. "Any other pregnant folks in the same boat??"

Mandy Moore nursery 2
(Photo: Mandy Moore)

Late last month, the Princess Diaries actress opened up to Romper about her difficult pregnancy journey, revealing that she learned she was pregnant just before she was scheduled to undergo surgery to determine if there was something going on with her uterus or possible endometriosis affecting her fertility. "We did ovulation tests, all that stuff," she shared. "I was fully prepared to go have surgery and fix my uterus and hopefully get rid of the endometriosis if it was there. It was nice to have a plan and to know, OK, well, this is why I haven’t been pregnant yet."

Mandy Moore nursery 3
(Photo: Mandy Moore)

When she did learn she was pregnant, Moore said she still was nervous to let anyone know, because she was still concerned about a possible problem with her uterus. "I sort of was holding my breath until 12 weeks," she admitted. The parents-to-be would announce the pregnancy in September, and just days away from delivery, Moore shared with the outlet that things are beginning to feel "real now."

Goldsmith, meanwhile, has been "gearing up for" bringing the baby home for months. She joked, "Like in the morning, it’s funny, I’ll reach for my phone and he’ll reach right for whatever baby book he’s reading. Spending so much time together at home due to COVID-19, Moore said she was staying grateful about being able to share so much of her pregnancy with her husband, a touring musician. "It would have been fine, but having this experience together makes me feel even more solid and even more excited to be a parent with him," she said.