King Charles Considering US Visit to See Prince Harry

The king wants Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet to remember him as a "friendly grandfather," sources say.

King Charles III is reportedly considering a trip to the U.S. to visit Prince Harry and his family, but other royal family members are trying to talk him out of it. This story starts with author and royal expert Tom Quinn, who told The Mirror that the king wants to develop a relationship with his grandkids, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. According to a report by New Idea, the king even has a gap in his schedule next month when he would like to take the trip.

King Charles wants a chance to spend time with his two grandchildren living across the Atlantic from him, especially after his cancer diagnosis. However, Prince Harry is reportedly "hesitant" to bring his kids along with him on a trip to the U.K., while Quinn believes there is "no way" Markle would return to the country herself. Surprisingly, the king is interested in traveling to California himself to see them, and has even started "discussions" with his staff about what it would take. This would be a "private visit," if it happened at all.

"He is desperate to see his them and hates the idea that Archie and Lilibet will not remember him as the warm, friendly grandfather he wants to be," Quinn said. Meanwhile, New Idea's source said that the king has been feeling better since his cancer treatment began, and is interested in tackling the bad blood between his two sons.

"This feud has gone on for far too long, and Charles is anxious to sort it out – but he knows it has to be on Harry and Meghan's home turf, particularly if he wants to see his grandchildren," they said. Still, they described this as a possible "showdown," so there are still things for the royal family to iron out.

As for the Sussexes, insiders said that Prince Harry is "open" to hosting his father in Montecito, California, but the resistance is coming from the other royal. Queen Camilla claims that she is concerned about the king's health, noting that his endurance has not returned as much as he thinks it has. Prince William is more blunt, reportedly arguing that there is no need for the king to see Prince Harry at all.

"William can't understand why Charles would go out on a limb like this," they said. "Camilla is against the trip for health reasons. The Australia tour in October is going to be a lot for a man of his age with cancer, let alone an emotional transatlantic journey to visit his estranged son."