Will King Charles Reunite With Prince Harry's Children This Summer?

As he battles cancer, King Charles III reportedly hopes to visit with his son Prince Harry's children.

King Charles III has been battling cancer for months now, and some have been wondering if he will find time to reunite with his son Prince Harry, as well as Harry's children. Some reports have indicated that the King is eager to see his estranged grandchildren — Archie, 5, and Lillibet, 3, whom Harry shares with his wife, Meghan Markle — this summer, but other royal sources have scoffed at the idea.

In a new report for the Daily Mail, journalist Rebecca English notes that King Charles III has only met Lillibet, his youngest granddaughter, one time in person and he has only seen Archie "a handful of times" but would like to see them more. He is said to be "unhappy with the situation" and "keener than ever" to build a relationship with Archie and Lillibet that is more than just video calls.

English's new report comes after the Mirror UK stated that sources noted King Charles is a "fantastic and enthusiastic grandpa" to his other grandchildren: Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, nine, and Prince Louis, five, all of whom are shared by Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton. His wife Camilla, 76, is also ­understood to be a driving force behind his decision to ramp up efforts to see his other grandchildren.

"The King is absolutely committed to being present in all of his grandchildren's lives," a source said, also noting that Charles' wife, Queen Consort Camilla, has been a "driving force" behind the King's efforts to see Archie and Lillibet more often. "He values family above everything and whatever the course of his ­relationship with his son he would never be content with just seeing his grandchildren on the odd video call."

However, English now says that this "story was not universally welcomed," as it places Buckingham Palace staff in a difficult situation due to Harry's family not being brought up behind closed doors, due to the tensions that arise, but also to deny these reports would indicate that King Charles doesn't actually have a desire to see his American grandchildren, which isn't true.

Ultimately, English says that when she brought up the idea of a Balmoral compromise between King Charles and Prince Harry's family, "the answer was a resounding snort."