Kanye West Shares Worries About Daughter North Being 'Taken Away' Amid Recent Outbursts in Since-Deleted Tweet

One of Kanye West's latest disconcerting tweets shows his fear that his eldest daughter, North, will be "taken" from him against his will. The rapper has since deleted a post where he shared a fear that he will be "murdered," or that his custody of his daughter will somehow be disrupted. He did not specify who he feared would take his child or why.

"Northy, I am going to war and putting my life on the line and if I am murdered don't ever let white media tell you I wasn't a good man," West wrote in the alarming tweet on Friday night. "When people threaten to take you out of my life, just know I love you." The post included a photo of North West holding up peace signs with both hands. West deleted the tweet before long, but fans caught screen shots of it and have shared it among themselves since then.

Many fans are speculating about who West is referring to in this public message for his 7-year-old daughter. Even as they speculate, many of those fans are agreed that West's paranoia has little or no basis in reality. They consign this fear to a delusion, possibly brought on by West's bipolar disorder or other mental health struggles.

Still, some fans could not help but relate this tweet back to some of West's most inflammatory posts from July, when he raged against his wife's family, the Kardashians and Jenners, in a series of suggestive tweets. They wondered if West was alluding to fears that his marriage could be at risk, and his custody rights could be threatened in the process.

A growing number of reports indicate that West's wife, Kim Kardashian is "at the end of her rope" with the rapper's antics. On Saturday, a source told Us Weekly that Kardashian believes her husband is on a "downward spiral," and that his social media output is putting a toll on their marriage and their family. According to the insider, Kardashian blames some of this behavior on the self-isolation of the coronavirus pandemic.


"Being isolated and alone essentially in his head isn't healthy for Kanye," they claimed. They added that Kardashian is trying her best to be "patient," and to give West "the space to be creative, hoping that would be a healthy outlet for him to express himself."

Still, the source said that Kardashian is "committed to holding it together for their kids," suggesting that their marriage is not in any immediate danger. If West fears for his relationship with his children, Kardashian may not be the cause.