Dax Shepard Uses Model of His Decapitated Head as Halloween Decor

Spooky season is upon us and celebrities are getting into the Halloween spirit. Dax Shepard showed off his hilariously macabre decorations, and the Armchair Expert host is going above and beyond the usual pumpkins this year. Behind the usual decorative gourds, Shepard posted a rubber version of his own decapitated head.

"Feel so blessed to have a rubber replica of my head come Halloween," Shepard wrote on Instagram. "Can't stand this," commented his wife Kristen Bell's The Good Place costar Kirby Howell Baptiste. "Daxidermy," joked actor Justin Long.

The vaguely threatening but still good-natured vibe of these decorations definitely fit the tone of the Shepard-Bell household. Bell appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show in September, actress revealed that her daughters Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6, leave her some serious notes around the house. 

"Sometimes it'll be an 'I love you,' but most times, it's about what stuff is hers and what not to touch," Bell says of her youngest daughter, Delta, as transcribed by Entertainment Tonight. Bell went on to share a not Delta wrote, which was a little intense. "Don't disturb, Delta is starving to death. Only Mom can come in," it read. "This was over an ice cream trip that I was like, 'No, it's 7 o'clock the evening, we're not going to get ice cream right now.' And then she decides, she was like, 'Well, I'm just going to starve myself to death,'" Bell stated. "I think Dad had said, 'No, we're not going to ice cream,' which is why I was allowed in." 


Bell went on to talk about Delta's "candy stash" as she keeps candy in different places all over the house. And while Delta can get intense about her candy, Bell said that both daughters leave notes around their home. "There's a lot of notes in the fridge from my kids about what I can and cannot touch," she stated, before adding, "I'm raising very strong women."