Megan Fox Seemingly Dumps MGK, Shares 'Dishonesty' Lyric

Megan Fox made an Instagram post on Saturday night that many fans took as a sign that she had broken up with Machine Gun Kelly. She also deleted most of her photos with the rapper and unfollowed him on Instagram. So far, she has not offered any further details and Kelly has not commented publicly.

Fox's post featured three photos of Fox posing in front of a mirror while a male friend took photos of her. The fourth item on the post was a video of a fire where a letter in an envelope and a bag were burning together. Fox appended a cryptic caption to this post – lyrics from the 2016 Beyonce song "Pray You Catch Me." It read: "You can taste the dishonesty/ It's all over your breath." That song and that album were all about dealing with infidelity, leading many fans to think that Fox was hinting about something Kelly had done.

Fox deleted nearly all of the photos of herself and Kelly on her Instagram feed, including her celebration of their engagement just last month. According to a report by Elle, she did not initially delete a post from Valentine's Day two years ago, but at the time of this writing, that post is now gone. Meanwhile, Fox is only following three people on Instagram: Harry Styles, Timothee Chalamet and Eminem.

Kelly famously has a very public feud with Eminem, so it's possible that this conspicuously low following list is meant as some kind of dig at him. Fox and Kelly reportedly seemed to be on good terms on Friday night when they attended Drake's Super Bowl party together in Arizona. They were photographed holding hands as they left the party together.

One fan commented on Fox's post: "He probably got with Sophie," and Fox responded. According to a screenshot shared by Comments By Celebs, she wrote: "Maybe I got with Sophie" with a fire emoji. Fans had plenty of other theories about what was going on, but there was nothing conclusive to report in the comments.

Many expect Fox and Kelly to reveal that this was all a stunt, perhaps planned for a Super Bowl ad campaign. Some noted that Fox was an actress in the "Love The Way You Lie" music video, and that Rihanna is the headline performer at the Super Bowl halftime show. This, combined with Eminem's presence on Fox's slim following list, could indicate that she will be involved somehow.

For now, there's nothing fans can do but speculate and, in many cases, mourn. Fox and Kelly's relationship has been a fan-favorite for the last few years, and now it looks like it might be over. So far, Kelly has not responded publicly.