Jennifer Lopez Wears 'Ben' Diamond Necklace After PDA-Packed Birthday Weekend

Bennifer is back with a vengeance in the latest photo of Jennifer Lopez celebrating her birthday. Lopez and Ben Affleck are in Monaco, France where she was seen on Sunday wearing a diamond necklace engraved with the name "Ben." The rekindled romance is becoming an unparalleled social media sensation.

Lopez, Affleck and friends are celebrating JLo turning 52 years old this week, but by all appearances, they're celebrating her reunion with Affleck as well. The middle-aged couple is completely head-over-heels for each other, especially now that they've taken their relationship public and made things "Instagram official." The ornate "Ben" necklace is actually just one of the jewelry tributes the couple has made for each other so far. Back in May, fans noticed that Affleck was wearing the watch that Lopez had bought for him back in 2003 when they were first dating, as thanks for him appearing in her "Jenny From the Block" music video.

Lopez and Affleck began dating in 2002 and got engaged in November of that year. Their whirlwind romance was all over the news, and according to a report by Vanity Fair their collective nickname "Bennifer" was the first of its kind. Nicknames like "Brangelina" would follow for years.

Lopez and Affleck met while filming Gigli together in 2001, and in addition to "Jenny From the Block," they worked on Jersey Girl (2004) together as well. However, the media attention became a strain just as their wedding date approached in 2003. After delaying their nuptials, the couple broke up in January of 2004.

Both Lopez and Affleck went on to different relationships and even marriages, and Affleck had children with his wife Jennifer Garner while Lopez had children with her husband Marc Anthony. Both were also coming off of bad breakups when they got back together — Lopez having ended her engagement to MLB star Alex Rodriguez and Affleck having recently finished his protracted divorce from Garner, which was delayed so that he could undergo treatment for alcoholism.

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So far, fans seem to agree that the Bennifer reunion is doing wonders for both of them. On Lopez's recent post showing the two of them kissing, one commenter wrote: "Those two are obsessed with each other, love that for them," while another added: "I can't!! It's just all too cute!!!" A third wrote: "I am here for all of it!!!" Lopez's post has over 8.4 million likes at the time of this writing.