Chris Evans and Shakira Are Rumored to Be Dating, But Here's the Truth

The internet loves to play matchmaker for Chris Evans, and this time he is rumored to be romancing a famous Latin singer. Following Colombian superstar Shakira's break-up with Gerard Piqué, many are now linking her romantically with Evans.

There have been rumors of a romance between the two celebrities since the 45-year-old "Hips Don't Lie" singer followed Evans on Instagram, who in turn followed her back. The 41-year-old Captain America: Civil War actor is famously private about his relationships. The only relationship he has publicly disclosed is with comedian Jenny Slate, which ended in 2018.

Fans of both performers are now enthusiastically rooting for their romance, despite present scant "evidence." Much was made about a recent interview in which Evans was asked if he ever met Shakira. While he responded, "No, no, I've never met her. But I'm a big fan," other outlets such as Woman's Day (via Suggestmisquoted his reply as he hadn't "had a chance to meet" Shakira, but was "a huge fan of hers." The slight change in wording could be interpreted as Evans expressing more interest in Shakira than his response implied.

A recent statement made  by Evans during a conversation with Shondaland also sparked interest online. Interviewer Mariel Turner asked The Gray Man star if he was "laser-focused" on finding something in his personal life, and he said he was "gonna give [the interviewer] a good answer."

"The answer would be that maybe [I'm] laser-focused on finding a partner, you know, someone that you want to live with. I mean, look — I love what I do," Evans replied. 


"It's great; I pour all of myself into it. But in terms of — even this industry is full of pockets of doubt, hesitation, and recalibration in terms of really trying to find someone that you really can pour all of yourself into. Maybe it's about trying to find someone that you're looking to spend your life with. Yes, so maybe it's that."

This is not the first time fans believed that Evans was dating a Latina pop star. Conspiracy theories exploded when Evans followed Selena Gomez on Twitter last November. Numerous rumors and theories circulated concerning the two, but they were all unfounded.