'West Wing' Cast Wants Nothing to do With Sarah Huckabee Sanders' Jokes

Members of the West Wing cast weren't too happy with a member of the current administration in the real West Wing.

Back on Nov. 21, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders compared meeting the pardoned turkey in her office to an episode of Aaron Sorkin's beloved drama.

"We had a surprise visitor in my office today and got to live a real life version of an episode of the 'West Wing,'" Sanders wrote. She included black-and-white photos of the turkey's visit.

Bradley Whitford, who won an Emmy for playing Chief of Staff Josh Lyman on the show, noticed the tweet. "I know C.J. Cregg. C.J. Cregg is a friend of mine. You’re no C.J. Cregg," he tweeted, referring to Allison Janney's press secretary character.

Janney, who won three of her six Emmys for playing C.J., stepped into the conversation, too. "Thanks for having my back, Josh love,C.J.," she tweeted.

The West Wing fans ate that up. "I wish they would live a bunch more real life versions of West Wing episodes. That would be a hell of a lot better than what they are actually doing," one person wrote in response to Whitford's tweet.

"I love so much about this! Oh, how I miss The West Wing," another wrote.

"This makes me miss the West Wing even more," one fan wrote to Janney.


"I like to watch The West Wing and pretend it’s real life! It calms me," another fan wrote.

"This just made my day," another added.