'The Wendy Williams Show' Returning After Hiatus, Season 12 Premiere Date Revealed

Wendy Williams announced that the 12th season of her show would be returning on Sept. 21. The Wendy Williams Show, like the majority of the entertainment industry, came to a standstill amid the coronavirus pandemic. Williams shared the big news on her Twitter page.

The talk show host admitted she couldn't wait to return to the studio and be around the "amazing" staff and crew. She also shared that she's eager to provide a few laughs and bring optimism during the "crazy times." The Wendy Williams Show debuted in 2008 before becoming a national show the following year. Before that, Williams had her own VH1 series, The Wendy Williams Experience. "I miss you and can't wait to get back in my purple chair and show you what we did to the set," she tweeted on Tuesday. "I LOVE you for watching!"

Production on her show stopped back in May after Williams produced a few episodes from the comfort of her home. At that time, Williams said she would be stopping altogether to take a break from the series. A spokesperson for the show told Variety that she was taking the leave due to medical reasons as she dealt with symptoms from her Graves' disease.

Away for a few months, it sounds like Williams is ready to return in full force. The show, which is produced in New York, will likely have a different look when it comes back in two months. New York recently entered Phase 4 in its reopening plan, which allows TV production to return as long as it follows proper safety guidelines. Before the news of her return, Williams had said in a video she shared online that the show would have a different feel because of the audience. Her program, according to her, would get around 200 live audience members, which is something she said, "we might never see again."


Amid the pandemic, Williams celebrated her birthday on July 18 when she turned 56. Earlier in the year, the New Jersey native officially had her divorce from Kevin Hunter finalized after splitting up in April 2019.