'Today' Show Personality Gets Hilarious Feedback From His Mom While Hosting

NBC News correspondent Jacob Soboroff has been making appearances on The Today Show this month, and his harshest critic seems to be his own mother. Soboroff had fans laughing on Tuesday when he posted a screenshot of text messages where his mom critiqued his on-screen outfits. Many related to the awkward debate in one way or another.

Soboroff is a correspondent for both NBC News and MSNBC, and has been filling in on The Today Show recently. He tweeted a screenshot of his text message conversation with his mother where she wrote: "YOU LOOK SUPER SHARP IN those colors! You look alive!!! Don't wear those ugly tan outfits. Trust me!!! You're so handsome." Soboroff's response to this text read: "byeeeee," to which his mother sent an angry-faced emoji. Soboroff captioned the post: "Thank you mom for watching [The Today Show] this morning."

Commenters loved this candid moment from Soboroff. One person wrote: "Moms gonna mom!" while another added: "Sounds just like my mom." Other journalists even shared their own parents' reactions to their on-screen appearances, while some fans consoled Soboroff. One person wrote: "With deepest respect to Mama Soboroff, the American people [love] the tan suit."

Soboroff is having a major moment on NBC right now, with appearances on The Today Show and Nightly News exposing him to a wider audience than he has seen before. The 39-year-old is known for reporting on the Trump administration's immigration policies over the last few years, resulting in some major journalism awards in 2019 and 2020.

Soboroff compiled his findings on that topic into a book titled Separate: Inside an American Tragedy, published in July of 2020. Since then, he has moved on to other deep-dive reports, including a major story on human trafficking published this fall. Soboroff found that there is a disturbing link between human trafficking and the production of marijuana.

Though he is used to discussing these kinds of hard topics on the air, Soboroff is now tasked with adding a more personal touch in keeping with The Today Show's tone. The reporter married fashion executive Nicole Cari in 2012, and lives full-time in Los Angeles, California with their two children. Meanwhile, his guest anchor spot on Nightly News this weekend gave him a chance to show his serious side in a more sustained setting. Though the holidays are winding down, fans are hoping to see more of Soboroff in the weeks to come.