'This Is Us' Creator Dan Fogelman Confirms Jack's Death Reveal Happens This Season

This Is Us fans have been expecting Jack Pearson's (Milo Ventimiglia) death since early in the series, and now series creator Dan Fogelman has confirmed when we will see it happen on screen.

Fogelman gave an overview of season 2B to Deadline, and he confirmed that the "heartbreaking" reveal will happen before this current season ends.

"We promised answers in season 2, and we have eight episodes left and it's all coming in short order," Fogelman said. "It will really be a heartbreaking surprise.

He also stressed that the grown Pearson children's lives will still drive the show going forward, but Jack's life and death will still be explored in the background.

Jack's death has been alluded to numerous times this season, and set photos show that the events surrounding the night of his death will continue. These moments point to the show answering its longest burning question very soon.

Ventimiglia recently touched on when fans will finally see the full circumstances of his character's death, and stressed that it will be a big moment worth the wait.

"I'm excited for people to understand his death, and understand the chapter that will close answering that question," Ventimiglia said. "I still go back to the fact that I want people to focus on his life. The only reason we care so much about his death is because we care so much about him as a man. We care about the impact he's had on his kids, on his wife, on all of that. We're interested in his journey and what that final chapter is."

As for when the full reveal will happen, he hinted that it could be sooner than expected.


"I just tell people to wait," he said. "Soon enough."

Photo Credit: NBC / Ron Batzdorff