'The Conners' Planning Major Wedding in Season 4 That Could Be Hard for 'Roseanne' Fans

Season four of The Conners premieres on Sept. 22, and fans will be treated to a marriage between Dan (John Goodman) and Louise (Katey Sagal) sooner rather than later. According to a new interview with executive producer Bruce Helford, fans won't have to wait long into the season to see the Conners family patriarch tie the knot for the second time either. 

"There will be a huge wedding very shortly, within the first five episodes," Helford explained to TVLine, revealing that It will take place before November Sweeps. "[Fellow EP] Dave [Caplan] wrote the wedding episode. It's great, and we're really looking forward to it. It's a complicated moment for the Conners, but it's also a joyous moment."

Sagal, who joined The Conners as a guest star in season one, previously told AP that she has no intention of leaving The Conners anytime soon. Helford explained that the effects of the wedding will be felt over the course of "multiple episodes," and life gets a bit complicated for the Conners should Louise move into the family home.

"If she's going to move in, that would create lots of problems for Dan," Helford teased. "A person wants [a home] to be their own, and they want to make changes. That's going to be very interesting, as to how Louise deals with that, and how Dan deals with that." Dan's first wife, Roseanne, died of an accidental opioid overdose when the Roseanne reboot was rebooted again as The Conners following Roseanne Barr's firing. 

Helford also revealed that Louise will have some issues to work through with Dan's adult children. "Because Louise kept herself one step removed by keeping her place — sometimes staying overnight and sometimes not — the family now has to start figuring out those interactions as they become more intimate and [see each other with] more regularity," he explained. Louise will deal with Darlene (Sara Gilbert) in particular during the season four live premiere. 


"Joining the Conner family is a tough thing," Helford said. "It's a very tight-knit family, and when you marry someone with a tight-knit family, it's hard to come in and not feel like an outsider." While he couldn't give an exact number of episodes that Sagal would be appearing In this season, Helford explained that she would be on the show "on a pretty regular basis," likely over half of the episodes. The Conners returns to ABC on Wednesday, Sept. 22, at 9:00 ET/ 8:00 CT.