'The Conners' Finds Dan Hoping for Real Romance with Louise

Just when it seemed like Dan (John Goodman) was ready to move on, despite some 'supernatural' [...]

Just when it seemed like Dan (John Goodman) was ready to move on, despite some "supernatural" interference from his late wife, he faced a heartbreaking setback. Though Tuesday's episode of The Conners, "Pilot Lights & Sister Fights," saw him try to put himself out there once again. Be warned that spoilers for Tuesday night's episode of The Conners will follow.

Things didn't start smoothly for Dan. Louise (Katey Sagal) politely refused his gift of flowers before the opening credits, and he proceeded to drink at the bar afterward. He even confessed his love to her, albeit to the keyboard player of the band who Louise was kissing in the prior episodes. It wasn't his best moment, and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) couldn't wait to rub his face in it.

Still, after seeing how hurt Dan was by the whole ordeal, she did try to have a serious talk with him, particularly when she pointed out his tendency to drink and the fact that he still wears his wedding ring. Even when confronted about it directly, he simply denies his ability to take it off. In the end, Louise ends up making a 212-mile drive to confront Dan about his drunken confession. After a few cross words, she notices that Dan's no longer wearing his wedding ring, and both of them end up getting a happy ending.

It was a delightful turn of events after last week's installment, "The Icewoman Cometh," which found Dan dealing with a little bit of remorse that he didn't try to pursue a relationship with Louise. After confessing to Becky (Lecy Goranson) that his late wife, Roseanne (Roseanne Barr), wouldn't have wanted him to move on, a can dropped that prompted Dan to declare "she's here." Nonetheless, Dan felt that he was ready to move on, but after going to a bar to see Louise sing with her band, it was made clear that she'd moved on as well.

Along with Dan's romantic endeavors, Darlene (Sara Gilbert) ends up getting jealous of Becky over the fact that Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) has been spending too much time with her sister. After a heated confrontation, Darlene confesses that her chances of getting pregnant are a longshot, and is struggling with suddenly wanting a baby she might not be able to have.

It's been an eventful second season for The Conners, which has hosted a mini-Shameless reunion as well as two performances of a live episode, each of them incorporating results from the New Hampshire primary election in real-time. There are only two episodes left this season, and they'll air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.