'The Conners' Producers Reveal If Katey Sagal's Louise Will Return for Season 3

One of the big turning points on Season 2 of The Conners was the romantic life of Dan (John [...]

One of the big turning points on Season 2 of The Conners was the romantic life of Dan (John Goodman). After almost two years passed since he lost his wife, Roseanne (Roseanne Barr), he stopped wearing his wedding ring and started a romance with Louise (Katey Sagal).

While the couple were still together after Tuesday night's finale, there hasn't been an official announcement for Season 3 just yet. Naturally, this made some wonder if the fan-favorite character would make it back for more episodes, especially considering that Sagal has her own pilot, Rebel, slated to shoot at some point. In an interview with TV Line, executive producer Bruce Helford said there is plans for more Louise in future episodes. He even pointed out that her upcoming series won't impact it, noting that "It's an ABC pilot, which always helps."

"We spoke to Katey and she said she will definitely be doing more Conners," Helford continued. "We don't know what her complete availability will be. And now, of course, her pilot was never shot. It will probably take longer to get on its feet than we will. God willing, we'll be back shooting in August shooting." Helford also joked about all the work they spent getting Dan and Louise together, and joked that they "don't want to have to kill anybody else off."

Dan and Louise's relationship started off fairly rocky, with her more than willing to commit to Dan, yet he found himself thinking back to his late wife. She even made an appearance (of sorts) when he confessed that she wouldn't have wanted him to move on with his life in the event that she died first. After he'd come around, it turned out that Louise had moved on herself, which led to Dan having a drunken confession about his love for her — only to the guy she was currently dating.

Once the two finally got together, Dan still had to adjust to the normalcy of sharing his bed with someone new. That and the fact that he had to wear his CPAP machine when he sleeps. Still, Louise was able to put his mind at ease and even accompanied him on a trip to the bank to help him talk his way out of his latest foreclosure. Unfortunately, it didn't work, but it showed that Louise might be part of the Conner clan for the long haul.